My Story Choose Your Own Path – How To Earn Diamonds And Tickets?

Diamonds and tickets are required to buy various in-game items as well as clothes, which can make your gameplay pretty impressive and addictive. Not being able to earn a decent amount can be depressive. To put an end to such problems and keep on playing the game, players should complete various chapters of stories. Completing every chapter of the story help to get a diamond, and using this method may also load your account with a good number of diamonds.

Every player has a specific number of diamonds at the beginning of the game. And they can increase these numbers with the help of completing different stories. Many other ways can help players to collect a significant amount of diamonds and tickets. Pay equal attention to all these methods and pick the one that helps to meet your requirements quickly also by trying My Story Hack.

  1. watch advertisements

Many advertisements are available in the game that players need to watch for claiming rewards. Watching advertisements helps players to gain diamonds for free. They just need to watch the online advertisements by tapping on the watch add tab. After finishing the advertisements, their account will be credited with a good number of diamonds. It is one of the easiest methods that you can consider to gain diamonds and tickets for free.

  1. Reach chapter 4

While playing any story, you need to focus on completing its various chapters. Complete every chapter one by one and try to reach chapter 4. After this, you are able to open the reward box that contains a good amount of diamonds and tickets. The auto-generation process of tickets and diamonds takes a lot of time. To save up your time and to boost up your progress speed, try to reach chapter 4 as soon as possible and claim your rewards.

  1. social media

Players should never forget to connect their accounts with social media to gain unlimited diamonds and tickets. Every game has a feature that can be used by players to connect the game account with Facebook and other social media accounts.  By using this option, they can also invite their friends to play the game. You can also make use of this option and acquire a good number of diamonds for free in the form of rewards.

  1. character customization

character customization is not only helpful for making the game interesting but also offers a lot of opportunities for gamers. With the help of this feature, players can make their character look beautiful by choosing the right clothes and accessories. They will also get rewards for the efforts that they have made to customize the look of their characters. Using this simple trick can help players to gain a huge amount of in-game currencies for free.

Using all these tactics can assist beginners as well as advanced players to avail unlimited diamonds and tickets without making efforts. In this way, they don’t need to face the complications related to the shortage of in-game currencies.

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