My Story Choose Your Own Path – A Complete Introduction

Nanobit has published a new mobile title – My Story Choose Your Own Path with amazing features and interactive storyline. It is a narrative style game where you will get a chance to play the role of the main character in different stories. Here you will find a girl named Mona who has a variety of stories to share. You just need to make choices at every stage of the game, whether you want to pick a story or to bring it to an end. Take every decision wisely, and then you will definitely finish the story with a good end.

The main motive of the players is not all about making choices but also includes lots of other interesting things. They need to focus on the looks of their character that they can customize as per their desire. It is also important to manage in-game currencies to level up faster so by using My Story Hack.

Get assistance from the tutorial

Playing a game without having enough knowledge always results in several issues. And that’s why it is suggested for beginners to take help from tutorials before start playing the game. The tutorial of My Story Choose Your Own Path is helpful for beginners for knowing all the essential aspects. With the help of this, players can come to know how to play the game and take every step to move further. Never skip the tutorial and always focus on it in the right manner. After this, you can head over to the real gameplay and show your skills.

About the gameplay

Most of gamers love to play My Story Choose Your Own Path because it helps them to live different lives and get new experiences. The different stories based on various genres are out there in which players will play the role of the main character. They can perform the role of a movie star, New York socialite, rich heiress, and college drama. Every story has a unique theme that will help players to get the ultimate experience. All stories are classified into several chapters that players can complete one by one by making the right choices.

Completing every chapter helps them to get in-game currencies, which they can spend later to unlock premium content. They can bring a desired end to the story with the help of their decisions, and it is one of the interesting features.

Complete the tasks

When you start playing the game, keep track of your funds. It is also important to check the types of tasks available. Try to complete all the tasks quickly and earn better rewards. Pay proper attention while completing these tasks to earn a significant amount of diamonds and tickets. Claim your daily rewards to increase the balance in your account. Completing the tasks quickly is important because they also give you a bonus ticket. Try to avoid making mistakes while completing the tasks. In this way, players can easily collect a good number of diamonds and tickets.

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